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The commonly used materials for sheet metal fabrication have carbon steel sheet metal (cold rolled sheet (SPCC), hot rolled plate (SHCC)), galvanized sheet metal(SECC,SGCC).

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The commonly used materials  for sheet metal fabrication have carbon steel sheet metal (cold rolled sheet (SPCC), hot rolled plate (SHCC)), galvanized sheet metal(SECC,SGCC), copper sheet metal (brass, copper, beryllium copper), aluminium sheet metal (6061,5052,1010,1060,6063, alloyed aluminum, etc.), stainless steel sheet metal (three surfaces:mirror surface,brushing surface, matte surface). Generally, manufacturing cost and product usage would be considered to select material.

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sheet metal material room

1. Cold-rolled sheet (SPCC) is mainly used in electroplated parts and painted parts, which is low cost and easy to forming. Its material thickness is is equal or lesser than 3.2mm.

2. Hot rolled plate (SHCC) is also mainly used in electroplated parts and painted parts, which is low cost but difficult to forming. So it is mainly used in flat plate parts. Its material thickness is is equal or more than 3.0mm.

3. Galvanized sheet(SECC,SGCC)divides into N material and P material. N material is used in parts which don’t need surface treatment, but high cost. P material is used in painted parts.

4. Copper is mainly used in conductive parts. Its surface can be done nickel plating, chromium plating or without surface treatment. But its cost is high.

5. Aluminium sheet is also high cost , whose surface can be done with chromate (J11-A), anodizing (conductive anodizing, chemical anodizing), silver plating and nickel plating.

6. Aluminium extruded material is a kind of material with complicated cross-section. It is mainly used in all kind of plug-in boxes. Its surface treatment is the same as aluminium sheet.

7. Stainless steel don’t need to do any surface treatment on its surface. Its surface can be divided into three kinds including mirror surface, brushing surface and matte surface.

Sheet metal material property and application

1. Galvanized steel sheet (SECC)

SECC substrate is generally cold-rolled steel coil which turn into electrogalvanizing product after degreasing, acid pickling, electroplating and all kinds of post processing on continuous production line of electrogalvanizing. SECC has not only mechanical property of common Cold Rolled Steel and similar machinability, but also superior anticorrosion and decorative appearance. It has a great competitiveness and replacement on electronic products market, household appliance market and furniture market, such as computer case is made from SECC.

Galvanized steel sheet    (SECC)(001).jpgCold-rolled sheet     (SPCC)(001).jpg
Galvanized steel sheet(SECC)Cold-rolled sheet(SPCC)

2. Cold-rolled sheet (SPCC)

SPCC is made from steel ingot, which is continuous rolled by cold-rolling mill and become roll material or sheet material of steel plate with required thickness. There is no protection on SPCC surface, which is easily anodized when exposed in the air. It will be anodized fast in a humid environment and dark red rust on its surface. So spraying paints, electroplating or other protection should be done on its surface when using.

3. Hot-Dip galvanizing steel sheet (SGCC)

Hot-Dip galvanizing steel sheet is semi-finished product after hot rolling, acid pickling or cold rolling. After cleaning, annealing,immersing into melt zinc tank with 460°C, steel plate have plated with zinc. After tempering and chemical treatment, hot-dip galvanizing steel sheet is finished. SECC is stiffer than SECC, but bad malleability ( avoid deep pumping design), thick zinc layer and bad welding.

4. Stainless steel (SUS 304)

SUS 304 is one of the most extensive use stainless steel. It is good at corrosion resistance and heat resistance. It also has excellent mechanical property and no heat treatment hardening phenomenon and no elasticity.

Stainless steel    (SUS 304)(001).jpgStainless steel     (SUS301)(001).jpg
Stainless steel(SUS 304)Stainless steel(SUS301)

5. Stainless steel (SUS301)

SUS 301 is less Cr than SUS304. It is bad at corrosion resistance. But after cold machining and stamping, it gains good tension and hardness. It has good elasticity, so it is commonly used in shrapnel,spring and anti EMI.

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