Sheet Metal Manufacturing

      • Sheet Metal Process

      Sheet Metal Process

      The main technologies of sheet metal prototype manufacturing include sheet metal stamping,sheet metal bending ,sheet metal forming, sheet metal lasering , sheet metal welding.

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      • Sheet Metal Forming

      Sheet Metal Forming

      Sheet metal forming is the most complicated formed sheet metal manufacturing technology of among sheet metal manufacturing.

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      • Sheet Metal Prototyping

      Sheet Metal Prototyping

      When the required quantity of sheet metal prototype is only one pieces or several pieces, mass-production sheet metal manufacturers would not provide such manufacturing service.

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      • Automotive Sheet Metal

      Automotive Sheet Metal

      When automotive designs are finished,dozens of automobiles should be manufactured to do intersection detection.

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      • Television Backlight Chassis Sheet Metal

      Television Backlight Chassis Sheet Metal

      The TV backlight assembly chassis prototypes manufactured by Leecheer received universal approbation from Japan household TV brand companies (SHARP; SONY).

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      • Mesh Sheet Metal

      Mesh Sheet Metal

      Mesh sheet metal is often applied to the protective cover of multimedia sound box or protective cover of household appliances such as air cleaner.

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      • Progressive Die Stamping

      Progressive Die Stamping

      Progressive die stamping is frequently-used sheet metal manufacturing technology in mass sheet metal production. However, there is small quantity requirement of sheet metal...

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      • Deep Draw Forming

      Deep Draw Forming

      Deep draw forming is a kind of machining process technology that after punching, mould is used to stamp out shaped but flat work pieces into all kinds of open-ended but hollow parts.

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      • Sheet Metal Material

      Sheet Metal Material

      The commonly used materials for sheet metal fabrication have carbon steel sheet metal (cold rolled sheet (SPCC), hot rolled plate (SHCC)), galvanized sheet metal(SECC,SGCC).

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