• 4 Axis Machining

      4 Axis Machining

      4 axis machining is that adding a rotation axis on X-axis or Y-axis makes CNC machine manufacture out the structures distributed on roundness position in the case of Installing the...

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      • 5 Axis Machining

      5 Axis Machining

      5 axis machining means that five planes can be machined at the same time in any angles in the case of Installing the fixture at one time. The biggest advantage of 5 axis machining...

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      • Custom Machining

      Custom Machining

      The biggest characteristic of custom machining service is small required quantity of prototype. Sometimes, it would be required one piece prototype.

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      • Precision Machining

      Precision Machining

      For prototype parts with complicated structures, Leecheer company is equipped with four-axis CNC machines and five-axis CNC machines, which can reduce errors caused by mounting and...

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      • Aluminum Machining

      Aluminum Machining

      ​When the required quantity of aluminium prototype is between 100 pieces and 1000 pieces, the manufacturing cost will be very expensive if they are still manufactured according to...

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      • Machining Stainless Steel

      Machining Stainless Steel

      ​In prototype manufacturing industry,many prototype manufacturers do not provide machining stainless steel service because stainless steel is not commonly used prototype material...

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      • Machining Titanium

      Machining Titanium

      In prototype manufacturing industry, Leecheer Company is one of the few companies that provides Machining titanium service.

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      • Machining Copper

      Machining Copper

      Both copper material and aluminum material have good cutting performance, so they can be widely used in all kinds of customized machining products.

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      • Machining Steel

      Machining Steel

      Machining steel is also frequently-used manufacturing method because of its cheap raw steel material and its good machinability. The surface of steel material is very hard so it is...

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      • Polycarbonate Machining

      Polycarbonate Machining

      The abbreviation of Polycarbonate is PC. There are two natural colors of PC material-black and transparent, so which natural color should be pointed out when inquiry.

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      • PMMA Machining

      PMMA Machining

      PMMA is the abbreviation of Polymethyl Methacrylate. It is also named as Acrylic.PMMA is also a frequently used plastic material in prototype manufacturing because of its excellent...

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      • PEEK Machining

      PEEK Machining

      PEEK is the abbreviation of polyetheretherketone. PEEK is kind of super engineering plastic with excellent performance and good dimensional stability.

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