Car Aluminum Rim Machining

- Dec 29, 2018 -

  Car Aluminum Rim Machining


  Car Aluminum Rim is that the cylindrical aluminum component in a car tire is centered

on a shaft and is used for support tire. There are four manufacturing methods to machine

car aluminum rim including gravity casting, forging,low pressure precision casting and 

CNC machining.

  The car aluminum rim machined by CNC machining become the first choice for custo-

mization of all kinds luxurious car aluminum rim because it can avoid expensive molding

 fee and all kinds of color treaments can be done on it surface.



                 big cnc lathe machine                                      car aluminium rim machining

  Car aluminum rim machining includes vertical lathe machining and  CNC machining. 

After machining, different colors paint or different color anodizing treatment can be 

applied on its surface. After different colors treament on car aluminum rim, the high-

speed CNC machine can be applied to special positions of car rim with high speed 

machining to reach different surface effects, which makes aluminum rim more good 

looking and fashion.



     car aluminium rim machining prototype               car aluminium rim machining other face

  The major parameters of car aluminum rim machining

  The maximum size of vertical lathe machining : 800mm

  The maximum size of 4 axis CNC machining : 1500x 800x 600mm

  Machining precision : +\-0.01mm 

  Machining minimum order quantity : 1 PCS

  Delivery time: 7 working days after deposit

  The material of car rim : AL-6061-T6

  Machining surface roughness :Ra 1.6 um

  Colors and surface finish : Spray paints and anodizing



      high speed machining after anodized                            prepare for be anodized  

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