In order to guarantee customers’ well designed product data not be leaked, Leecheer company carefully made the following several measures:

■The entire company in addition to boss and sales managers ’ computer can access to the Internet, others’ set up a network restrictions cannot access. By doing this, can implement the duty to the individual

■In order to avoid staff to copy customer's 3D file give rise to be divulged, Each computer be provided to make prototype in the production workshop don’t install the USB interface.

■Once finished one kind of the prototype, the workshop supervisor responsible for deleting the product drawings, the drawings for record kept by the sales manager.

■Strictly abide by the confidentiality agreement signed with the customer, if breach the contract, compensate to the customer in accordance with the terms of the agreement.


In order to protect your product design information legally , we provide an NDA file in pdf format for you to download. Please sign your name and stamp your company's seal after downloading this NDA file, and finally send it back to us.

We respect your privacy. Here you can find an example of a non-disclosure agreement.

If you have any questions, please contact us.