Low Volume Manufacturing

      • Urethane Casting

      Urethane Casting

      Urethane Casting is the short name of polyurethane casting,which is called as vacuum casting in China.

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      • RIM Casting

      RIM Casting

      RIM is the short name for Reaction Injection Molding. When your prototype required quantity is more than 50 pieces and dimension is larger than 1000 x 800 x 300 mm, RIM casting can...

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      • Vacuum Casting

      Vacuum Casting

      Vacuum casting service can greatly reduce prototype manufacturing cost when your order quantity is between 10 pieces to 50 pieces.

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      • Low Volume Production

      Low Volume Production

      If your product quantity required is only in the range of 100 pieces to 1000 pieces, it is difficult for you to ask traditional manufacturers to manufacture these product for you.

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