Vacuum Casting Plastic

Vacuum casting plastic service can greatly reduce prototype manufacturing cost when your order quantity is between 10 pieces to 50 pieces.

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Vacuum casting plastic service can greatly reduce prototype manufacturing cost when your order quantity is between 10 pieces to 50 pieces. Vacuum casting plastic service mainly applies to prototype manufacturing with plastic hard materials (ABS,PC,etc.) and plastic soft materials (rubber,TPE,etc.). Plastic parts with various properties can be manufactured out according to choose PU materials with different hardness and properties. Different color pigments can be added into PU materials to make prototypes with different surface effects.

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vacuum casting video small-batch prototype by vacuum casting

The reasons to choose vacuum casting plastic service provided by Leecheer Company

1. Vacuum casting plastic parts are manufactured out by vacuum casting processing, which can directly reach desired surface effects (glossy surface, matte surface, sand-blasting surface) without spraying paints. The surface effect of vacuum casting plastic parts is much closer to injection-molding parts’ surface effect.

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sample color and casting parts color overmolding prototype

2. Vacuum casting rubber parts can accurately reach your desired hardness and color.

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shore A80 rubber prototype shore A60 rubber prototype

3.The Video of quantity evaluation  given by England customers


4. Delivery time is definitely on time. Leecheer will never delay delivery for any reason.

5. Fast global delivery make you have user experience that just like purchase products in your own country.

The information you need to prepare before enquiry

Firstly, the exact quantity for prototype manufacturing need to be known. Because one set silicone mould can duplicate 25 parts at most. If duplicating more than 25 parts, the dimensional tolerance of casting plastic parts will inaccurate, which is caused by the deformation of silicone mould.Then, the prototype material and Pantone Name or Number should be informed. If you want to do vacuum casting rubber parts,you need to tell us exact hardness of rubber.


1. What should be clearly expressed when processing rubber prototypes?

You should provide the exact international Pantone color number and hardness of rubber. 

2. Is it available to process one prototype with two materials?

Yes, we can process it through overmould.

3. What type of 3D files do you accept for quoting?

We accept 3D CAD files in PRT, STEP, IGES, X_T, SLDPRT format. A 3D CAD file with STEP format is preferred, which can truly reflect the structural integrity of the 3D model and  there will be no cracked surface.

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