SLA 3D Printing Processing

SLA 3D Printing Processing

SLA 3D printing processing service applies to verify whether the product dimensional design is reasonable or not.

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SLA 3D printing processing service applies to verify whether the product dimensional design is reasonable or not. We can know whether size and tolerance is resonable or not after prototype trial assembly. However, SLA 3D printing processing method is not suitable for product functional verification because SLA 3D printing processing material property with poor strength and poor temperature resistance.

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SLA processing principle video SLA 3D printing parts

Leecheer company provides SLA 3D printing processing service. Machining dimension can be controlled in the range of 450x 450x300mm and dimensional tolerance can be controlled within +/-0.1mm. The material type of Photosensitive Resin is 14120, whose material property is close to ABS sheet. It resists temperature about 60 degrees Celsius.

After SLA 3D printing processing, Leecheer company also can do postprocessing like polishing and spraying paints, which make prototype reach your desired surface effect.

One thing needs to be especially pointed out is that you need to provide us 3D files with “step” format and you need to open it and  calculate this part’s weight. In this way, you can distinguish whether this 3D file is entity graph or not.

The reasons to choose Leecheer Prototype Company

The Video of quantity evaluation given by England customers

About delivery time,our company choose FedEx intl. Priority service for all prototype to ensure that customers can receive their prototype with the quickest way. Below time table of FedEx is the shipping time from China to different countries. For your reference. 


1. How to clearly express the surface colors of prototypes?

When the prototype surface color is only needed to reach 80%-90% of specified color, you should just provide us the international Pantone color number, for example: 877C. If you need to reach over 90% of specified color, be sure to send us the plastic parts with sample colors. Because pictures might cause errors due to different monitors.

2. Is it available to spray paint on the surface of SLA and SLS processed prototypes?

SLA processed prototypes can be spray painted. SLS processed prototypes can not be spray painted. Because the material used for SLS processing is PA or PA+30% GF, the surface of the prototypes can not be polished smooth, which will be spray painted ugly.

3. What should be clearly expressed about metal prototype manufacturing?

The dimensional accuracy and surface finish requirements of prototypes should be clearly specified. The two factors determine the price of prototype manufacturing.

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