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Leecheer company can also do silk-screening with all kinds of patterns and texts on sheet metal surface to reach surface effect you want.

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When the required quantity of rapid prototype sheet metal is only one piece or several pieces, mass-production manufacturers would not provide such manufacturing service. Because they need to produce several rapid prototype sheet metal parts with traditional manufacturing method and need to spend expensive mould manufacturing expenses. Leecheer company specializes in providing small amount rapid prototype sheet metal manufacturing service and do various surface treatments on the surfaces of sheet metal parts, such as plating, spraying paints, powder coating etc. Leecheer company can also do silk-screening with all kinds of patterns and texts on sheet metal surface to reach surface effect you want.

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sheet metal bending video anodizing,brushing and silkscreen finishing

The main advanatge of rapid prototype sheet metal is short production time. The manufacturing can be finished within 1 to 3 days based on different structures. Another advantage is that manufacturing cost is lower than traditional sheet metal manufacturing method. Laser cutting replacing traditional stamping out material size and simple mould replacing traditional progressive die stamping mold greatly save a huge manufacturing cost.

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laser cutting material plastic mould replacing metal mould

The reasons to choose Leecheer Prototype Company

The Video of quantity evaluation given by England customers



About delivery time,our company choose FedEx intl. Priority service for all prototype to ensure that customers can receive their prototype with the quickest way. 

Below time table of FedEx is the shipping time from China to different countries. 


1. Why surface treatment should be specified before quotation?

There are three kinds of surface treatment effects of prototypes: gloss, matte and sand surface. The sand surface effect has various specifications. For example, MT-11010 and MT--11020 are two different surface effects. The gloss effect requires the longest polishing time, resulting in more manufacturing costs.

2. What surface treatment can be done to the processed sheet metal?

Sheet metal can be electroplated, sprayed with metal paint, powder coated or electrophoresis treatment.

3. How to clearly express the surface colors of prototypes?

When the prototype surface color is only needed to reach 80%-90% of specified color, you should just provide us the international Pantone color number, for example: 877C. If you need to reach over 90% of specified color, be sure to send us the plastic parts with sample colors. Because pictures might cause errors due to different monitors.

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