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Urethane casting is the short name of polyurethane casting, which is called as vacuum casting in China.

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Urethane casting is the short name of polyurethane casting, which is called as vacuum casting in China. The biggest application of polyurethane casting plastic service is that its manufacturing cost is lower than CNC machining method when your prototype required quantity is greater than 10 pieces but less than 100 pieces. But if your prototype required quantity is less than 5 pieces, the manufacturing cost of polyurethane casting process may more expensive than CNC machining method’ s cost. Because in polyurethane casting process, one silicone mould can duplicate 25 pieces prototype. When small quantity, the shared silicone mould cost of each unit prototype will be high.

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urethane casting videoPP prototype in silicone mold

Materials for urethane casting process is PU materials with various properties. Mixtures of all kinds of PU material can fabricate out both hard prototype whose properties are similar with ABS, PC, PA, PE, PP, POM, and soft prototype whose properties are similar with rubber, TPE, silicone, etc.

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rubber prototype with visible colorrubber prototype with invisible color

For polyurethane casting rubber parts, hardness of rubber and exact Pantone Number need to be informed. For polyurethane casting plastic parts which is made from PU ABS,PU PC, PU PP, PU PA,PU PE, whether can they be sprayed paints on the surface or not should be informed our company. Because this requirement will greatly influence prototype manufacturing cost. Compared with other prototype manufacturers in China, the biggest advantage of polyurethane casting service provided by Leecheer Company is that prototype surface can directly reach your desired surface effect without spraying paints, which make its surface effect more close to product in mass production.

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food grade silicone prototype castingovermould prototype

Maximum size of prototype made by polyurethane casting process is 2000x200x300mm and prototype thickness cannot greater than 3mm. Polyurethane casting has the same manufacturing effect as RIM casting. From Leecheer’ cost effective prototype manufacturing, if your required quantity is relatively little and dimension is smaller than 800x600x250mm, polyurethane casting method should be selected. Otherwise, if your required quantity is relatively large and dimension is larger than 1000x800x 300mm, RIM casting method should be selected to manufacture small-batch plastic parts.

The reasons to choose Leecheer Prototype Company

The Video of quantity evaluation given by England customers



About delivery time,our company choose FedEx intl. Priority service for all prototype to ensure that customers can receive their prototype with the quickest way. 

Below time table of FedEx is the shipping time from China to different countries. 


1. Is it available to process one prototype with two materials?

Yes, we can process it through overmould.

2. How many prototypes can be copied from a set of silicone molds?

If the dimensional accuracy is high, 15 pieces can be copied. If the dimensional accuracy is not high, 20 pieces can be copied.

3. Why surface treatment should be specified before quotation?

There are three kinds of surface treatment effects of prototypes: gloss, matte and sand surface. The sand surface effect has various specifications. For example, MT-11010 and MT--11020 are two different surface effects. The gloss effect requires the longest polishing time, resulting in more manufacturing costs.

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