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In prototype manufacturing industry, Leecheer Company is one of the few companies that provides high speed machining titanium service.

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In prototype manufacturing industry, Leecheer Company is one of the few companies that provides high speed machining titanium service. Titanium raw material is very expensive and also less used in common household product designs, so many prototype factories rarely take over titanium prototype manufacturing projects. Most prototype manufacturers will give up the titanium prototype market once they have titanium prototype projects with small quantity.

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Leecheer Company have done indepth studies on high speed machining titanium, including configuration of CNC machining, material supplier source of titanium sheet material and bar material.Because titanium raw material is very hard, we have rich experience on choosing high speed titanium machining tools, cutting direction, cutting parameters and cooling liquid. There is also very high requirement on choosing of screw tap for titanium thread holes. In one word, You can not manufacture out titanium parts without rich high speed machining titanium experience.

Leecheer Company not only provides high speed machining titanium service  for titanium products in 1 piece to 1000 pieces, but also provides the powder metallurgy technique service for mass production with quantity more than 1000pieces. Compared with CNC Machining, the powder metallurgy technique will greatly reduce manufacturing cost. At present, there is only one company that provides powder metallurgy technique service in China. And this company is Leecheer’s partner. Leecheer Company will responsible for all overseas business promotion and negotiation of this company.

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The reasons to choose Leecheer Prototype Company

The Video of quantity evaluation given by England customers

About delivery time,our company choose FedEx intl. Priority service for all prototype to ensure that customers can receive their prototype with the quickest way. 

Below time table of FedEx is the shipping time from China to different countries. 


1. What type of 3D files do you accept for quoting?

We accept 3D CAD files in PRT, STEP, IGES, X_T, SLDPRT format. A 3D CAD file with STEP format is preferred, which can truly reflect the structural integrity of the 3D model and  there will be no cracked surface.

2. How to clearly express the surface colors of prototypes?

When the prototype surface color is only needed to reach 80%-90% of specified color, you should just provide us the international Pantone color number, for example: 877C. If you need to reach over 90% of specified color, be sure to send us the plastic parts with sample colors. Because pictures might cause errors due to different monitors.

3. What should be clearly expressed about metal prototype manufacturing?

The dimensional accuracy and surface finish requirements of prototypes should be clearly specified. The two factors determine the price of prototype manufacturing.

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