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If those aluminium prototypes are supposed to manufactured by mass production CNC machining manufacturers, they refuse to provide aluminium milling service because small required quantity.

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When the required quantity of aluminium prototype is between 100 pieces and 1000 pieces, the manufacturing cost will be very expensive if they are still manufactured according to the manufacturing technology of one piece prototype. If those aluminium prototypes are supposed to manufactured by mass production CNC machining manufacturers, they refuse to provide aluminium milling service because small required quantity. Leecheer company specially sets up small amount aluminium milling service group. This working group is responsible for production of aluminium prototype, management and control of surface treatment. The quality of aluminium prototype is recognized by clients.

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Let’s analyze the machining technology of 1000 aluminium prototypes and the CNC machining technology to manufacture aluminium prototype with eight different colors.

Firstly, aluminium material which need to CNC machining are extruded into shape by the aluminum extrusion method. It can ensure that these 1000 aluminium prototype are in the same kind of material and avoid inconsistent anodized colors because of different material model number.

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aluminum extrusion cuttingaluminium cnc machining

Secondly, the manufacturing of sucked fixtures can reach the purpose of quick dispatch and reduce time waste because of assembly and unassembly. After the finish of aluminium CNC machining, simple fixtures are manufactured to do brushing treatment on the surface of aluminium prototype. The anodizing of aluminium prototype should immediately follow the brushing technology, which can ensure its unoxidized surface and have different colors on their surfaces.

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sucked fixturesaluminium parts brushing video

Finally, laser engraving is used to engrave the patterns provided by clients. All technologies to manufacture 1000 aluminium prototypes have been finished. All prototypes will be checked according to dimensional requirements and appearance requirements. If all requirements approve, they can be carefully packed and arranged shipping.

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anodized aluminium prototypealuminium prototype laser engraving

The reasons to choose Leecheer Prototype Company

The Video of quantity evaluation given by England customers

About delivery time,our company choose FedEx intl. Priority service for all prototype to ensure that customers can receive their prototype with the quickest way. 

Below time table of FedEx is the shipping time from China to different countries. 


1. Why should I clearly clarify the purpose of prototypes?

Prototype is usually presented to potential customers (for orders), and verify structural design or assembly functions, and to guide mold manufacturing or production process management. For different purposes, the prototype manufacturing requirements are quite different, which greatly affects the manufacturing costs.

2. Why surface treatment should be specified before quotation?

There are three kinds of surface treatment effects of prototypes: gloss, matte and sand surface. The sand surface effect has various specifications. For example, MT-11010 and MT--11020 are two different surface effects. The gloss effect requires the longest polishing time, resulting in more manufacturing costs.

3. What type of 3D files do you accept for quoting?

We accept 3D CAD files in PRT, STEP, IGES, X_T, SLDPRT format. A 3D CAD file with STEP format is preferred, which can truly reflect the structural integrity of the 3D model and  there will be no cracked surface.

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