Manufacturing solutions of prototype used for taking orders

When the designer completed the product design, he needs to make prototypes for potential customers. If the potential customer is satisfied with the functional use and appearance of the product design, he will order batch products from the designer. So that this type of prototype manufacturing is very important. If the prototype manufacturer did not process the prototype with your real design intention, or the prototype manufacturer has limited ability to achieve your product effect, then the low price will be a waste for you and your product design.

For example, in the below picture, the CD pattern effect made by other supplier and the other CD pattern effect made by our company. Obviously, the CD pattern effect made by our company can truly reflect the ripple effect that the customer wanted.

CD stripe finishing (other supplier)(001).jpgCD stripe finishing (Leecheer company)(001).jpg
CD stripe finishing (other supplier) CD stripe finishing (Leecheer company)

Therefore, the prototype which is used for taking orders is the key to determine whether the product design is recognized by potential customers. For this type of prototype, we recommend to use CNC Machining to manufacture. Because the prototype material used in the CNC Machining method is the closest to final product material in the large-volume plastic mold injection molding. Other processing methods such as CNC, SLS, FDM, and DMLS, only the material properties are similar to a functional material. Secondly, the prototype surface processed by CNC Machining is more suitable for various surface treatments and color treatments, so that the prototype has a better appearance. The prototype processed by SLS can't be polished smoothly, so that it can’t be sprayed a good surface color effect. For metal materials prototypes processing, it is also the best solution to use the CNC Machining method to manufacture. DMLS lasers are used to make metal prototypes with a single material and limited surface finish and color treatment, which can not meet the full requirements of developer.