The Solutions for low volume prototypes production

The traditional method of manufacturing products is to manufacture plastic molds or metal molds, and then using these molds for mass production.The feature of this method is that the manufacturing cycle is long and the order quantity must be big enough so that the cost of mold can be shared out equally to a lower price. But with the rapid development of the Internet, the customer’s order quantity is less and less, sometimes even only a few hundred. If they are processed in traditional methods, the cost of each product will be quite high.

In order to meet the current market requirements, Leecheer has found a solution for the low volume production of plastic and metal products. According to the operational environment and performance requirements of the product, different processing methods are used for different order quantities, so as to minimize the cost for the customers and win the market recognition.

Modern low volume production methods include CNC Machining, Urethane Casting, RIM Casting and rapid plastic Injection Molding. Which method to choose is mainly depending on the products, not only to meet the performance requirements, but also to minimize the manufacturing cost. If the required prototypes quantity is less than 10, we usually choose CNC Machining to manufacture them. If the quantity is more than 20 and less than 100, we usually choose Urethane Casting. If the quantity is more than 100, we will consider making a simple plastic mold to manufacture.When the size of the product is very large, we choose RIM Casting.