Manufacturing solutions of prototype used for design verification.

When you received an order, you find the product design is not perfect enough. Or you find assembly problems, because there are many parts in the product design. Or some functions of the product can not meet the requirements due to the wrong materials selection. In all these cases, we need to make a prototype to verify the rationality of the design. This type of prototype is used for designers to review their design´╝îwhich has no requirement for appearance. So that you should clarify this purpose while asking for a quotation. Our company will use the right processing methods to achieve your production requirements, so as to save much manufacturing costs for you.

Verify the structural prototypethe prototype for order-talking

There are several features of verifying the design of prototype, firstly the dimensional accuracy of the prototype, and then the engineering physical and chemical properties of the material itself. The dimensional accuracy is mainly to verify in the process of assembling whether every part of the product is interfered, or whether the failure of cooperating with each other will result in large cracks. Therefore, the prototype manufacturing solutions for design verification need to be analyzed in different conditions.If you make a prototype to verify the assembly relation, then I suggest to use SLA processing which will save you a lot of costs. If you need to verify the assembly relation and performance of the material simultaneously, then you can only use CNC Machining to make the prototype.

Let us know whether your prototype is for taking orders or verifying product design, which is the key to save your prototype manufacturing costs. And sometimes it can even save 50% of the manufacturing costs. Because it depends on the difficulty of processing the prototype surface treatment.