CNC machining field

1.What type of 3D files do you accept for quoting?

We accept 3D CAD files in PRT, STEP, IGES, X_T, SLDPRT format. A 3D CAD file with STEP format is preferred, which can truly reflect the structural integrity of the 3D model and  there will be no cracked surface.

2. Why surface treatment should be specified before quotation?

There are three kinds of surface treatment effects of prototypes: gloss, matte and sand surface. The sand surface effect has various specifications. For example, MT-11010 and MT--11020 are two different surface effects. The gloss effect requires the longest polishing time, resulting in more manufacturing costs.

3.Why should I clearly clarify the purpose of prototypes?

Prototype is usually presented to potential customers (for orders), and verify structural design or assembly functions, and to guide mold manufacturing or production process management. For different purposes, the prototype manufacturing requirements are quite different, which greatly affects the manufacturing costs.

4.How to clearly express the surface colors of prototypes?

When the prototype surface color is only needed to reach 80%-90% of specified color, you should just provide us the international Pantone color number, for example: 877C. If you need to reach over 90% of specified color, be sure to send us the plastic parts with sample colors. Because pictures might cause errors due to different monitors.

5.What should be clearly expressed about metal prototype manufacturing?

The dimensional accuracy and surface finish requirements of prototypes should be clearly specified. The two factors determine the price of prototype manufacturing.

6.Can you paint customer-supplied parts?

Yes, we can do custom paint work on your supplied parts, if they fit into our paint room.

7.I don’t have a 3D CAD model. Can you create one for me?

We do not offer any design services at this time. If you need assistance creating a 3D CAD model of your idea, contact us via email and we’ll get you contact information for designers who are familiar with our process.

SLA and SLS field

1.Is it available to spray paint on the surface of SLA and SLS processed prototypes?

SLA processed prototypes can be spray painted. SLS processed prototypes can not be spray painted. Because the material used for SLS processing is PA or PA+30% GF, the surface of the prototypes can not be polished smooth, which will be spray painted ugly.

2.What is selective laser sintering?

Selective laser sintering (SLS) uses a CO2 laser that draws onto a hot bed of thermoplastic powder. Where it draws, it lightly sinters the powder into a solid. After each layer, a roller lays a fresh layer of powder on top of the bed and the process repeats. Since SLS uses actual engineering thermoplastics, its 3D-printed parts exhibit greater toughness.

Sheet Metal field

1.What surface treatment can be done to the processed sheet metal?

Sheet metal can be electroplated, sprayed with metal paint, powder coated or electrophoresis treatment.

2.Is it available to be power coated with any colors?

Yes, but the color can only reach 70%-80% similar to the specified color through powder coating. If more than 80% similar is required, spraying metal paint is recommended.

Low volume manufacturing field

1.What should be clearly expressed when processing rubber prototypes?

You should provide the exact international Pantone color number and hardness of rubber. 

2.Is it available to process one prototype with two materials?

Yes, we can process it through two-color mold.

3.How many prototypes can be copied from a set of silicone molds?

If the dimensional accuracy is high, 15 pieces can be copied. If the dimensional accuracy is not high, 20 pieces can be copied.

Leecheer company information

1.What is the payment method of Leecheer?

When you chose Leecheer’s prototype manufacturing service, a deposit of 50% of contract amount should be paid to us. Then we will arrange production. After the completion of prototypes, we will take pictures of the prototypes and send them to you for review. If you have no problems and pay the remaining 50% of the contract amount, we will arrange shipment after receiving payment vouchers.

2.What are the payment terms of Leecheer?

Pay Leecheer through the Leecheer's Hongkong HSBC registered account: 561801267838, as well as Paypal account: leecheer@chinaprototyping.com and Western Union. The Western Union only needs to provide China and the name of Zhang Zengxin.

3.What is the shipment method of Leecheer company?

We ship FedEx when you did not specify any express company. Except that we can also ship UPS,DHL,TNT and EMS. For Asia countries, we ship Aramex or Bre-line.

4.Do we have insurance on delivered goods?

No, we do not insure deliveries.