Factory real-time monitoring 

The purpose of factory monitoring

The clients of Leecheer company are from all around the world. Monitoring equipments are installed at each production plant and important production posts so that clients can truly understand the production capacity, production equipments, and production quality control procedure of Leecheer prototype factory and they don’t have to come to Shenzhen, China personally. Clients can watch all monitoring screens via company official website and all screens are real.

Confidential measures of product designs

The prototype is the achievement of product design before bringing it into market. Therefore, the appearance and structural data of product designs, images should be kept in top secrecy when manufacturing prototype. In order to avoid the influence of monitoring to secrecy work, Leecheer will control monitoring in four aspects.

1. There are strictly requirement to clarity of our monitoring equipments. The cameras with poor clarity make that watchers are hard to read the details of products.
2. Cameras are installed in the positions far away from prototype. In this way, watchers can only watch the screen of whole workshop, but they are hard to see clearly the appearance and structural of product designs.
3. After assembled, prototype can show the product design appearance and structural features. So monitoring equipments are not installed in assembling workshop.
4. The monitoring screens on our company official website cannot enlarged images for the whole or for certain positions. Therefore, watchers cannot see clearly any appearance and structures of products.

Leecheer can control negative impact brought by monitoring equipment via above measures.

Click on Factory Monitoring to access the real-time monitoring screen of the Leecheer prototype factory.