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ABS is the abbreviation of Acrylonitrile Butadiene styrene. ABS machining is the most frequently-used manufacturing method.

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ABS is the abbreviation of Acrylonitrile Butadiene styrene. ABS machining is the most frequently-used manufacturing method. ABS material has good and strong bonding performance. If CNC machine cannot manufacture out prototype in one  solid part, prototype would be manufactured out by several split parts, then bonding these split parts into one prototype with glue to finish the purpose of prototype manufacturing. This is a feature of ABS prototype manufacturing. If this prototype has strength requirement when testing, manufacturing in one solid part must be indicated before inquiry to avoid prototype cracking when testing.

ABS prototype with wood grain finishing(001).jpgsplited making ABS parts(001).jpg
ABS prototype with wood grain finishingsplited making ABS parts

ABS machining can also be used in the manufacturing of silicone mould in urethane casting technology. ABS prototype should be manufactured before the making of silicone mould. The ABS prototype is applied to manufacture the cavity of silicone mould.

If the surface of your prototype need to have plating effect. ABS machining is definitely adopted because ABS material is the only plastic material which can be done plating among all plastic materials.

ABS prototype with plating finishing(001).jpgfreehand painted finishing(001).jpg
ABS prototype with plating finishing freehand painted finishing

After ABS machining, the surfaces of ABS prototype can be sprayed paints with various colors and silk-screened different patterns and texts to make ABS prototype achieve the effect you want.

High glossy painting finishing(001).jpgsilkscreen finishing(001).jpg
high glossy painting finishingsilkscreen finishing

There are four natural colors of ABS material including faint yellow, white,black and transparent. If the prototype you want just happen to be one of these four natural colors, please point out whether prototype can be sprayed paints or not. If you have no special requirement on the natural color of raw ABS material, ABS material with faint yellow is commonly chosen and then sprayed paints with different colors.

faint yellow ABS raw material(001).jpgwhite ABS raw material(001).jpg
faint yellow ABS raw materialwhite ABS raw material

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