CNC machining material

1.ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene)

ABS is generally used for product enclosures. It has pretty good bonding strength of heat sealing,so that metallization engineering can be applied on its surfaces, such as water electroplating and vacuum plating. There are panel material, rods and bars material, etc.

ABS raw color.jpgPMMA raw color.jpg
ABS raw colorPMMA raw color

2.PMMA (Acrylic)

Acrylic,commonly known as polymethy methacrylate, is the best transparent material for transparent parts.There are many technologies can be applied, including dyeing, plating,spraying paints, silk-screen and so on. The bonding strength of heat sealing is vey well. However, it is unfit for fragile snap joint because it is crisp and fragile.


Polypropylene ,collectively called PP, is translucent materials. It has excellent impact resistance, and exceedingly good flexibility when thickness is vey thin. Therefore, it can be applied on products with impact resistance and rigorous requirement, such as automobile components and foldable packing boxes. 

PP raw color.jpgPOM raw color.jpg
PP raw colorPOM raw color


Polycarbonate,collectively called PC, is the material with good strength, tenacity and transparency, which is makes it appropriate for manufacturing of LENS with fine structure. Besides, fiberglass will be added to improve its stiffness and heat resistance. Therefore, it is fit for the components with high rigidity under high temperature environment.

PC raw color.jpgPE raw color.jpg
PC raw colorPE raw color


Polyurethane is generally called PU or urethane. The products can be injection-molded and polymerized by 2-3 liquid raw material under the vacuum condition, which have very similar properties of Acrylic, ABS, Rubber and so on. Polyurethane is widely used in low-volume manufacturing of tested capacity. 


POM,also called Delrin or Acetal, is widely used in the parts that have strict requirement on abrasive resistance and rigidity, such as the parts with good mechanical properties including wheel gear, cam, belt pulley, gear rack, etc.


Nylon has excellent tenacity and exceedingly good folding resistance. It is available in Nylon66 and Nylon+GF, ect.

PA raw color.jpgPA+30%GF raw color.jpg
PA raw colorPA+30%GF raw color

8.PU Foam PU

PU foam,easy for cutting, is mainly used in products that focus on shaping.It is available in PU Foam with various density,which is the best material for designers who make rough model by themselves. Its weakness is heavy dust ,which generate high pollution to environment.

9.Chemical Wood

Chemical wood is used in master of CNC prototype machining, CAD Data verification, jig ,gauge, explorator,ect. It is less deformation, but its weakness is less sensitive to temperature and humidity.


Aluminum is a multifarious nonferrous metal which is widely used material. It can be applied to all kind postprocessings, including electroplating, anodizing or anodizing with colors, wire-drawing, diamond carving.


Zinc is common used material for die casting, which is easy to form and process quickly. The surface of finished parts is smooth. Zinc is frequently used material for household appliances and automotive industry because of its good oxidation resistance.


Brass is often used material for insert molding parts. It can be applied to mold making of jag insert molding and machine part.

13.Aluminum Magnesium Alloy 

Light weight and good strength are the features of aluminum magnesium alloy, which is like to be selected and used material in 3C consumption  Its weakness is that magnesium is flammable metal, so it is really important to control environment temperature when machining. It is also in high risk when prototype manufacturing. It is high cost applied material because it has many machining procedures after die casting while processing.